Rick Mortensen Arizona, USA 1967 Beetle

This beautiful '67 belongs to Rick Mortensen of Arizona. Rick has been involved with VWs since 1969, and is the promotor of the Phoenix Bug-O-Rama. Rick is also one of the organizers of the annual Gene Berg Memorial Cruise. Rick built this car between 1993 and 1995. It was the HOT VWs Cal Look issue cover car in the February 1996 issue. The paint is Bold Caribbean Teal, the wheels are Flat Four BRMs, and the interior is Sewfine with Scat ProCar front seats. Rick has achieved many varied accomplishments with this car, including winning the ISCA (International Specialty Car Association) Compact Custom category all three years that he showed it (1995-1997). It also took first in every show he competed in. Rick says that his greatest accomplishment in the car includes driving it to Detroit, Michigan and back to Arizona on the 1997 2nd annual Gene Berg Memorial Cruise, registering over 5200 miles and averaging 25 mpg. Further, Rick has managed a 13.93 ET at 95mph! To build a car that can win shows, be driven across country, and achieve excellent times at the track is no easy task, and we commend Rick for this accomplishment!

2110: new AS21 shuffle-pinned case, 82mm forged Bugpack crank, Carrillo Porsche journal rods, Berg-Cima 90.5s w/total seal rings, and a Pauter Machine cam (402"lift, 284 degree duration). Heads are VW 041s modified by Dean Lowry (40 x 35.5), with reshaped chambers, welded, ported, and polished. Berg dual springs, chromoly retainers, hardened keepers, Berg 1.45:1 rockers, and 3/8" chromoly pushrods. Compression ratio is 10.5:1, and the ignition is handled by a complete MSD unit with NGK BP6HS plugs. Carbs are 48 IDAs, and the exhaust is a Berg 1 5/8" merged header with a Flowmaster muffler. A 200mm, 13.5lb. flywheel is used along with a 1700lb. Kennedy pressure plate and a Berg dual friction disc. To control the oil temperature, Rick uses a stock doghouse cooler along with a Messa 72-pass 12" cooler with an electric fan.

Type 1 Rhino case. 3.88:1 R&P, 3.78 1st, 2.25 2nd, 1.58 3rd, and 1.04 4th. Bugpack Super-Diff., heavy duty aluminum side plates, steel shift forks, welded gears, and Berg short axles.

Rick has since sold this '67, and is currently working on '58 Cal Look project, that will have a 3 1/2" roof chop, Fuchs alloys, and a Bernard Newbury interior. The engine will be a 2110cc w/Deano heads and 48IDAs. The transmission will be a Berg 5 Speed. Can't wait to see it!