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LEGENDARY STREET CARS...                                                        ARONSON / HOLMES '63  |   KIRSTEN '67  |

Greg ARONSON / Jim HOLMES '63 :

Special thanks to Dean KIRSTEN for providing Cal-Look.com this background and photos of a now legendary car!

In 1976, a year after the famous Hot VWs cover story (see at right...) came out with the first images of Jim Holmes' outstanding '63 California Looker, these photos were taken at my shop. At the time, I was sharing a building with Don Bradford of Brad's Upholstery fame (Anaheim, CA).


Holmes used his car daily, and during that time, the engine case cracked at the usual spot behind the #3 cylinder. The engine came out and a new case was ordered from Fleming & Aronson. Jim used my shop to assemble the engine, and with the help from good friend Gary Ritter (shown), it went back in.

Detail photo of the unique dash on Jim's car shows that inside the glove box, the hidden 8-track stereo was mounted (below). Note the light on the plexi dashboard...


During this rebuild, Greg Aronson, the original builder of this car, fabricated a one-off set of headers for Jim, that used the early 40hp heater boxes (non-fresh air), and adapted them to a set of Fourtuned headers.


This was the first time this car had a heater in years, since every engine Greg and Jim ran used a competition exhaust. At this time, Jim's combination was: 1700cc, KS 88mm pistons, Ron Fleming 40x35.5 heads, Engle 110, Berg manifolds and linkage (early), 48 IDAs, Bosch 010, Santana pulley, Berg pump and F&S clutch.

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