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LEGENDARY STREET CARS...              ED CRAIG '51  | DEHOUX '67 GHIA  | ARONSON / HOLMES '63  |   KIRSTEN '67  |

Ed CRAIG Split Window :

When it comes to bet on the most influencing Cal-Look car built back in the days, Greg ARONSON ragtop white '63 come to mind. But one other car that never made it on cover of the 02/75 of Hot VWs deserve a special tribute today, and that's Ed CRAIG split window '51. This car was an innovator back in the days!
Ed_Craig This 3/4 rear view shows the perfect lines of the '51. No chrome at all, only the shiny BRMs...

Before going any further, we have to point that this car was built by Mike MAHAFFEY. At that time, Mike was running a strong 2180cc with IDAs. Conda green paint by Beckers and Interior was by Brads. Remember that this car was originally brown (see Ron JOHNSON pictures in Bug-in section...).
Front view look the part too!

Mike sold the '51 without the engine and Ed had a new engine consisting of a 1700cc with a Zenith two barrel carb, 010 distributor, Engle 110 cam, 180mm Porsche diaphram clutch, Porsche Generator and stock heads.
Interior shot shows the updated split dashboard with VDO gauges.

Ed recalls today that this was his daily driver car (would you use genuine BRMs on your daily today...), so his wife vetoed the use of a bigger engine combo. LOL!
A sunday cruise in the parc...

His car being a Split window, Ed admit he spent most his time adding vintage parts while wanting to maintain the original cal look. He added some of the vintage "feel" where it fit in (heart taillights, napoleon nose, semaphore switch and original spare BRMs...).
...with the lovely wife at the wheel...

The car was featured in the first issue ever of VW Trends magazine, circa 1974. But to my knowledge, it has already changed hands, and the new owner was Tony DE KRUIF from Carson.
Regular contributor Ron JOHNSON sent me this cool picture... No idea where and when he took that picture... Note the exotic T-bars...

It retained the same look, minus the BRMs rims which were replaced by more up to date (at that time of course...) EMPI 8 spokes spyder rims, painted gold. The engine was also replaced for a 1800cc with 48IDA mounted on Race-Trim manifolds.
Picture by Bob CLARK of the car under Tony DE KRUIF ownership for reference. Looks good with the Spyder rims too... Note the smiling happy surfers in the background ;)


As a member of the Der Renmeister Association (DRA), Ed was a regular at the meetings along with others club members. Those are very interesting pictures as the display was always very well organized.

Now, enjoy all those amazing period pictures. Sure, this car is one of the most photographed of that era...

Those two images by Ed CRAIG are thumbnails, you can click on them...
Would you believe I succeeded in finding another picture from the same Bug-in showing the same display... Awesome or what! Picture below courtesy of Steve WALKER. Split Cal-Look were "en vogue" in the DRA...
Below are three another Bug-in pictures (treasures?)... Again, two photographers, same location, same year, same show... Crazy... See details below...
Above picture courtesy of Mark SCHMIDT is amazing! I love it because it shows the spare real BRM... Those were the days...

Now, above picture by Ed CRAIG at the same Bug-in... A very cool brown Type 3 running on EMPI Spyder rims stands next to it! Another DRA member's car! I'm wondering what was the display in the background... Also, note the blue Corvair... What, Corvair were allowed at the Bug-ins...
Unusual upper view by Ed CRAIG ! WOW! Ahhh, the perfect lines of a split window bug...

Today, Ed is still involved with the VW scene, and it's not unusual seeing him posting messages on the Cal-Look Forum. Next time, you see him on the CLF, please show him your respect by sending some words!

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