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LEGENDARY STREET CARS...                                   DEHOUX '67 GHIA  | ARONSON / HOLMES '63  |   KIRSTEN '67  |

Frenchy DEHOUX '67 Ghia :

Believe it or not, at first, Karmann Ghia were not considered as good cars to achieve the Look treatment... That is until some good examples hit the streets (Roger GRAGO grey one for example) and the strips (Dave KAWELL proved with his The Ghia Gasser that such an heavy car can go really fast...).

Frenchy's yellow '67 Ghia will stay in memory as one of the best Ghia Looker ever, even if it was built way back in 1978. Just look at the picture below! Awesome stance or what! This is a very interesting shot as the Ghia was running on bronze EMPI 8 spokes back then... They were later replaced by the classic Fusch rims... Both looked equally perfect, but pictures with the EMPI 8 are not so common...

Stan's body Shop of Los Angeles gets credit for all the metalwork and paint, with Bob LILLEGARD dechroming the car. Color used was a Toyota Celica... yellow. Both front and rear of the Ghia were lowered and the shocks used were Bilstein.



Below pictures are another never seen before and Cal-Look.com exclusive... Enjoy them as much as they desserve and let me send many thanks to Rick MORTENSEN for such gems... Hey, Frenchy, did you already seen those... Cars.jpg

Frenchy always put great display at shows... These pictures were taken at Bug-in 21 early in typical overcast morning. The car was later judged "Best of Show"... Easy to understand why as it was flawless work of art as Rick noted... Note the duplicate front hood used as a sign... Frenchy still has it today and I was lucky enough to see it when I visited him some years ago... Cars.jpg

nd what about those engine bay details... Crazy!

Engine was displacing 1641cc thanks to a NPR 87 mm bore kit. An Engle 120 camshaft was used with VW lifters. Steve TIMS took care of the ported & polished cylinder heads. Stock VW flywheel was lightened. Engine features a set of 48 IDA, a Race-Trim deep sump and a S&S header system and a Bosch 010 distributor was used.

Such a flawless engine sure should have impress some guys at the shows, and it seemed to look second to none, even by today standard...

Own some pictures of that car... We are interested in editing them here... Feel free to email me...

Interior of the Ghia was amazing too, and feel very 70's today... All the work was done by Jere SMITH of Vee Dub Seat Covers from Garden Grove.

The seats were brown plaid with brown leather! A great scheme! Formula France provided the steering wheel and a Oh my God Deano shifter was used. A Craig stereo was added in the dash. The custom treatment was very mild in the interior but, as sometimes less is more, it sure worked...


Frenchy : THANKS for your past and present involvment with the scene & keep up the good work!

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