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LEGENDARY STREET CARS...                                                        ARONSON / HOLMES '63  |   KIRSTEN '67  |

Dean KIRSTEN '67 :

Special thanks to Dean KIRSTEN for providing Cal-Look.com this background and photos of his old '67!

This car is one of our favorite Cal Lookers of all time, being made famous due to its inclusion in the Hot VWs February 1975 premiere Cal Look issue. Owned by Dean Kirsten, and being his only means of transportation to and from school and work at the time, it took three years to build. Many now famous shops and parts were used in assembling this '67. It was painted by Jim Becker of Becker's Bug House (Orange, CA), using '67 VW Blue.

Cars.jpg Cars.jpg

he interior was done by Don Bradford of Brad's Upholstery (Orange, CA), using early front seats, trimmed in black vinyl and dark blue velour.

The dash and thresholds were detailed with Haneline stainless panels, S&W gauges, a Craig 8-track stereo, and a Motolita steering wheel. Shifting was accomplished with the use of a DDS unit.

Engine choices were either an 1835cc or a 1700cc, using an Engle 110 cam, Fleming & Aronson 40 x 32 valve heads, 9.0:1 c/r, DDS manifolds, a (now early) Berg linkage, 48 IDAs, 1-1/2 Berg merged header, 010 Bosch distributor, a Santana pulley, along with filled and block-sanded sheet metal.

Cars.jpg Wheels were original Dean Dyno-Soars (4-1/2x15), renowned for their light weight and fragile nature, which are now exceedingly rare. Tires were 135x165s.

The T-bars on Dean's '67 were made by Mike Libey for Fleming & Aronson, being only the second set of the now-famous FAT T-bars ever made. Cars.jpg

Dean's '67 also debuted at Bug-In 14 in 1975 with working one-piece windows from Franks' Glass.

The '67's best finish at a car show was Bug-In 14, where it finished second in Semi Custom (out of 53 cars in class!). After the now-legendary February '75 Hot VWs issue came out, the car was sold to Julie Martin to make room for a look-alike sandrail.

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